Our team

Meet the BrightLemon community




Leon Tong


On graduating from King's College London, Leon worked for a Department for Education initiative, proceeding to the City of London for a financial services company before founding BrightLemon. He has presented on education, social psychology and online community at numerous venues including Google and HSBC.

Leon's first computer was a Spectrum Plus, which he wrote games on. It had 48K of RAM.



Project Manager

Amila Premadesa


Amila has lived and worked in 4 different continents.



Project Coordinator

Pippa Thompson


Pippa studied BA (hons) Fashion Media at London College of Fashion, going on to work for a celebrity publishing house as their Digital Production Coordinator for several years. Pippa is thrilled to be applying these skills to create communities within the charity, education, government, corporate and entertainment sectors. 

Pippa has a Persian Ragdoll cat that looks like a cloud. Dolly thinks that anything white is part of her so will purr/roar profusely at the site of walls, towels, or fluffy cushions. 




Kayla Toh


Kayla studied at Southampton Solent University, where she graduated in the summer of 2016 with a First Class Honours in (BA) Magazine Journalism & Feature Writing. BrightLemon is Kayla's first full-time job.

Kayla was born and raised in South London, but she has a very mixed ethnicity: Chinese-Malay, Italian, English, and Welsh. Unfortunately, she can only speak English.


Senior Developer

Vincenzo Gambino


Vincenzo was previously a bartender at his grandfather's beach bar in Italy(see here) and a sales person for different advertising companies. He started his IT experience fixing PCs and delivering office and IT items to shops in Palermo, Italy. 

He moved from Sicily, Italy to Birmingham, England in January 2010 to start his web development career, and then to London in July 2010, before finally joining BrightLemon a year later. He has attended two DrupalCons and has been a Teacher Assistant and a speaker at DrupalCamp London events. 

Vincenzo plays football for a local team called Italia Wasteels FC. He enjoys good music and movies. And, no, he's not Cousin Vinny from the film.



Lead Developer

John Durance


At 10 years old, John carefully disassembled a home computer and reassembled it. To his surprise, it never worked again. Ever since then he's been curious about how computers work.

John's motivation is to build sites that people find useful and make a part of their daily lives: at work or at leisure. For him, seeing a site that's made adding value to someone's daily life is what makes his job worth doing.

Before joining BrightLemon, John worked on websites at UNICEF and the NSPCC. He also studied business and computer science at Lancaster University. He likes Drupal a lot, and believes it's a great framework to build sites with, which is why he's chosen to work with it for over four years.

He independently came up with the idea of the fitted sheet, only to discover that it had already been invented.




Eunicia Estrocio



Eunicia was born in Goa, India and moved to London for work in 2016. BrightLemon has been her first work opportunity since relocating. 




Ross Warren


Ross spent 11 years in the financial sector, working as a Disputes agent before he found the wonderful world of testing.

Ross is able to catch a moving dart.




Gianluca Cerniglia


Gianluca grew up in Italy, Palermo and moved to London when he was 20. He has worked in several different occupations before interning at BrightLemon. This is his first role within a technology-based environment.

Gianluca used to be part of the Italian scout movement, FSE, for about 10 years. During that period, he would explore remote woodland areas without any modern day provisions. He endured a 50 kilometre hike in Sicily that lasted 3 days