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DrupalCamp London's Supporting Partnership with the Drupal Association

Without the Drupal Association, Drupal software and the Drupal community wouldn’t be where it is today. Through 10 years of support and hard work dedicated towards the growth of the Drupal project and the Drupal community, the association have helped the open source software to become one of the most successful and popular choices of CMS.


Internship at BrightLemon

BrightLemon believe in the importance of giving young and fresh tech talent the opportunity to hone their skills in the workplace of a digital agency. Not only do internships at BrightLemon offer development and training for the intern, but the individual also has the chance to play a crucial part in the transformation and development of the business.


Civil Service Job Share Platform Nominated for Another Award

After winning the Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards last year, our Civil Service Job Share Finder platform has been nominated for another award with The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI). Our project with the Civil Service, which is essentially a job-share version of a ‘dating site’ for Civil Servants, has been nominated under the category ‘Impact under Innovation’.