Acquia choose us for Drupal Commons

Acquia have chosen BrightLemon to work with their team on aspects of the next version of Drupal Commons.

As Jay Batson, founder and vice president of Acquia states: "I'm happy to say that we've connected up with the team at BrightLemon in the UK, who has spotted the goodness in Drupal Commons and expects to use it in their future community-site building activities.  I'm personally really jazzed about this, since BrightLemon has been involved in building some fantastic Drupal-based communities in the past... BrightLemon has built a bunch of community sites, and so their insights are proving valuable quickly."

Drupal Commons is a Drupal 6 distribution from Acquia to help businesses build on-line communities. The package brings together a number of great Drupal modules, all pre-configured to get you up and running quickly. The main aim of commons is to help large organisations communicate with their clients, partners or employees - It's all about social collaboration, is based around groups and includes the features you would come to expect from community driven websites such as blogs, documents, wikis and calendars.

BrightLemon have been working with Jay  from Acquia to help improve the general layout and user experience of a few key pages. We recently posted a number of wireframes for discussion on, and by taking feedback from the Commons community we are hoping to help improve this great Drupal distribution.

Follow the links below to view the images and see the discussions.

Drupal Commons Group Listing Page

Profile page of a friend

Your own profile page

Group listing/search page

Group view for a non-member

Group view for a member

Goup blog listing

Group events listing

For the past few weeks developers from Acquia, Mike and Hernani, have been busy implementing the changes. The update of Commons will be available soon, along with a new theme being created by ourselves here at BrightLemon, so check back to see the final release.