Building the Social Web - Presentations

Thanks to everybody who attended our Building the Social Web event earlier last month, despite the World Cup, Wimbledon and the Cricket being on we still attracted a generous number of attendees. It was a very productive get together which attracted some leading lights in Drupal technology and strategy – especially the speakers who had some great presentations; please see them below.

We will be hosting some similar events which are based around similar topics shortly, please let us know if you have any suggestions or presentations for our future events.

Lastly, special thanks to Geoff Makstutis for hosting the event at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, a great venue.

Any feedback on the event is most welcome and again thanks to all the attendees.


Leon Tong, BrightLemon
(How to) build your own social network of 100,000+ users

This presentation covered the history and purpose behind growing an online community and provided guidelines from existing Brightlemon case studies on how to build a community to over 120,000 users. 


 John Fintan, IO1
How RDF Will Impact Internet Marketing

This presentation introduced the concepts of the semantic web.  It gave real world examples of the problems facing search engines and advertising systems, showing how sites are hampering them by not explicitly giving useful information about the content.  John gave examples showing how marking up content correctly solves these problems and explores some of the opportunities that arise as a result of content being semantically enabled. He gave some insight into Drupal and the advancements in these areas in the next release.


 Kat Elliott, New Digital Partnership
The Social Web for Professional Development

Download the presentation here

MyCPD was a Drupal-based tool Ne Digital Partnership created last year for University of Arts London. The aim was to provide something that would help them manage and monitor a professional development programme in a more community-centred way than traditional CPD software allowed. This presentation looked at the outcome and a quick overview of how Drupal was used in its construction.


Matt Rhodes, Fresh Networks
Proving the value of the social web

Presentation not available

Using a range of client case studies, Matt Rhodes, Director of Client Services for social media agency FreshNetworks, looked at how businesses can prove the value of being social.

Attendee feedback

Fantastic night! Well organised from the RSVP. Great content from all four speakers and definitely a lot of stimulating conversation that does nothing but make you think. Shannon Boudjema - Perfectly Social

Thanks to Brightlemon for holding this event. Great to meet the good and the great from the Drupal circle. Most enlightening presentations from four highly knowledgeable people. Entertainment and development... you achieved the ideal mix. Looking forward to next event. Guy Massey

What was "Building the Social Web" event about?

Besides being a get together to talk about the Social Web (and Drupal), the focus for the event was on building online communities, social web tools and how they benefit organisations and brands, the following topics were covered:

  • How to build your own social network (with open source Drupal)
  • Social web case studies
  • Social media measurement and ROI
  • The Social web and RDF
  • The social web and education

For more details on Brightlemon's Drupal events and Drupal courses, please contact us.