Drupal and Ordnance Survey OS Openspace integration

This project was not done by Brightlemon but Steven at Substance (http://www.substance.coop) has asked me to big this up wearing a Drupal hat - and I'm happy to do that! The Substance guys are leading the way with the Openspace API and using Drupal to do it! The URL is http://bit.ly/assyntos The Angling Research web site they developed is at http://assynt.anglingresearch.org.uk/?q=mapstraction - we have some projects coming up that we shall be racking their brains about Openspace integration for...! Related Links: Angling Research http://assynt.anglingresearch.org.uk/?q=mapstraction Article about Openspace: http://bit.ly/assyntos Openspace API: http://openspace.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/openspace/ Substance: http://www.substance.coop