The Easy Peasy BrightLemon Squeezy Recipe for Success

Gathered from 10 years of experience, these are the top tips and tools that we recommend for a tech startup to succeed

There’s a whole sea of tools and products that were created with the sole purpose to make the process of running a startup a lot easier. But with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from and hundreds of differing opinions on which tools are best, finding the perfect startup toolkit can become incredibly complicated and confusing.

As a solution, we’re sharing several tricks and tools of the trade that have made our journey to digital success a much smoother ride than without. From project management to marketing, these are the products that work for us and that will get you the results you want.




1. The key ingredient

Communication is the key to success. To stay on top of our team connectivity, we use the messaging tool Slack. Slack simplifies team communication and provides a shared workspace where conversations are organised, recorded and readily accessible - no matter where your employees are situated in the world. This makes it perfect for remote offices and remote teams. Ultimately, this tool enhances our team productivity and creates a shared understanding across the whole board.


2. Starters

Organisation should always be the starting point for a successful startup. A plan forms the foundation for success - without it, there’s no road map to guide you on your way to your goals. An excellent tool that we use for organisation is Trello. It’s an easy and visual way to organise project tasks or just general to-do lists. You can prioritise and share your task boards with other team members.


3. Main course

The main tool that we use, which is at the heart of everything we do throughout our process, is Assembla. This is a project management tool that allows you to quickly and easily create tickets for client projects. You can assign owners, due dates, estimates, @ mention teammates and more. The milestone feature allows you to set important dates for a group of major tasks in various phases of the execution.


4. The side dish

The perfect accompaniment to any recipe for success is cloud-based documentation. We use the G-Suite feature, Google Drive, to store all of our company files. Google Drive provides continuous backups of all documents to the cloud, along with the ability to share all files with coworkers, making them readily accessible and collaborative. Using Google Drive for cloud-based documentation is cost-effective, time-effective, and boosts productivity and turnaround of projects.


5. The spices

Marketing is the seasoning that’s needed to spice up your recipe for success. It’s the ‘wow’ factor that showcases your business - resulting in sales which, in turn, results in profit. But without data analysis tools, you won’t know whether your marketing campaigns are even successful or not. We use Google Analytics, and Moz to analyse our website traffic. Both pieces of software allow you to find out super cool (and important) things, such as which online marketing campaigns bring you the most conversions, what people click on most, and what people are searching to find your site.


6. Dessert to finish

The icing on the cake for us is an accounting software app that simplifies all of our financial proceedings. QuickBooks accounting software can calculate and track your VAT, create employee payslips based on PAYE, NI, etc, manage and track CIS, and can provide you with an actual accountant/bookkeeper to collaborate with. This tool has saved us bags of valuable time and money and has made staying compliant with our accounts a complete ease.




We hope that you find that these tricks of the trade are the right ingredients to bring you the sweet taste of victory. Teamed with excellent execution and a dedicated team the recipe is foolproof.

Whenever life gives you lemons, use the startup tools suggested and turn those lemons into an easy peasy lemon squeezy success!