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Civil Service Job Share Platform Nominated for Another Award

After winning the Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards last year, our Civil Service Job Share Finder platform has been nominated for another award with The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI). Our project with the Civil Service, which is essentially a job-share version of a ‘dating site’ for Civil Servants, has been nominated under the category ‘Impact under Innovation’.



Earlier this week, BrightLemon bought their own version of The Great British Bake Off to their co-working space, Edspace, in an effort to raise money for those affected by the recent UK terror attacks. Several members of Edspace spent the weekend getting messy in their oven mitts and putting their baking books to good use for the fun-filled, flavourful competition.


A fun-filled fundraising event



Drupal: Core Features

Content management

Drupal is packed with tools to help you organize, structure and find your content. Content can be categorized with taxonomy and can flexibly associated with other content on the site. All content are created with user-friendly url that makes it easier to find and search engine friendly. Content is managed using an intuitive interface.


Data Visualisation - A Drupal Case Study


The aim of this project – still under development – is to develop a data visualisation application. It must be multi-purpose, able to be used again and again, and to display datasets in innovative and interesting ways. The data visualisations must be accessible to all web users and easy to share. The datasets could be from big data, live data, or website data.