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Brightlemon selected to build Shineweek site

About the Shineweek web site

Site Summary

The Shineweek web site is a social networking site built along the lines of YouTube allowing children, teachers and creative organisations to upload content showcasing their talents. Users will be able to register and subsequent to verification upload video, photos, audio and written content and details of Shineweek related events.


A context for increasing online engagement.

By Jeffrey Lye

Since its widespread introduction and continuing proliferation in our lives, the following key concepts embody our changing relationship with online media and machines.

- Economics and market dynamics have started blurring the boundaries between media and personal/household appliances. Media convergence has exposed us to new function and increasing overlap between Radio, TV, Video internet and telephony.


Brightlemon web site is top of Google - again

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Plan International schools link web site

About this project
Brightlemon successfully launched an interactive messaging web site for Plan international - Plan Schools Link.

This social networking based site features private messaging among students in the UK and Africa. Additionally it contains customisable school profiles, messages with embedded Flash video, images, WYSIWYG editing and multiple access levels and related roles.
It also features forums (for Teachers only) and workflow and swearword filtering.