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We’re representing Drupal at Symfony Live this month

It’s always good to keep up with the many Drupal meetups and events, especially with the variety going on in London. But, in good Drupal-community spirit, it’s also great to spread across the tech horizon and get involved with other digital events and conferences. So, we’re heading over to Symfony Live to represent Drupal, as well as brush up on our Symfony knowledge and meet some Symfony developers.


Social Pscyhology, Groupology and online community

In our work building online communities and social software at BrightLemon, the question I am most frequently trying to answer is:

“What is it that persuades the largest number of people to do something meaningful?”

Answering this question is the primary aim of a field we have christened “Groupology”. Groupology is — simply put — the study of groups.


My time at BrightLemon: a community not a company

by our intern, Henry

From the 5th until the 8th of August I spent my time working within the community of BrightLemon and although a short stay here, there was still much to absorb, learn and take in from my experiences and surroundings. Furthermore the last few days have given me an invaluable insight into the structure and workings of a digital agency; the roles of the individuals and teams and also the the long term relationships that are built up between BrightLemon and its clients.


Broadcast more brand messages to your community

Last Thursday I popped along to Chinwag Psych 2014 - a one day conference to explore how different aspects of behavioural science can be applied to business.

Beyond evoking memories of 1993 and a cassette tape of PJ & Duncan’s first album, ‘Psyche’ (oh the shame) the conference really got me thinking about how new media and optimisation techniques can positively (and negatively) affect a 'sense of community'. This is something I get asked about a lot, usually in terms of whether there is a magic formula when it comes to getting it right.


Content marketing and online communities - endless possibilities!

Image credit: Nicholas Raymond at

Last week I returned from a fantastic trip to New York and Chicago (yes, I realise how lucky I am!) I’m not here to brag though… and the trip was leisure not work - so it would be inappropriate to tell you tales of baseball and Macy’s. Instead I want to share a few reflections about being part of a global travel community in the digital age.


Iconography: A visual language

From travelling on a local bus to a full on adventure at an airport, our lives and journeys are helped along by icons. They form a visual language that help us to make an action or decision in an intuitive way by creating simple visual references...


In 1940 a group of young men including Marcel Ravidat discovered and then entered what have now become known as the Lascaux caves. They discovered Palaeolithic cave paintings that are thought to be 17,300 years old.