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Content marketing and online communities - endless possibilities!

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Last week I returned from a fantastic trip to New York and Chicago (yes, I realise how lucky I am!) I’m not here to brag though… and the trip was leisure not work - so it would be inappropriate to tell you tales of baseball and Macy’s. Instead I want to share a few reflections about being part of a global travel community in the digital age.


Iconography: A visual language

From travelling on a local bus to a full on adventure at an airport, our lives and journeys are helped along by icons. They form a visual language that help us to make an action or decision in an intuitive way by creating simple visual references...


In 1940 a group of young men including Marcel Ravidat discovered and then entered what have now become known as the Lascaux caves. They discovered Palaeolithic cave paintings that are thought to be 17,300 years old.


Better late than never...

Oh dear, I’ve been part of the team at BrightLemon for two months now and I haven’t even written a blog…

Why is that quite so awful? Well, it’s kind of at the heart of my job. Oops.

I’ve recently joined the team here as a Community Services Manager – ‘what on earth does that mean?’ I hear you cry!

We're building a new online community for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

As specialists in creating online communities for the education sector, we are pleased to announce a new student-based online community project with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. After having completed projects with schooling and education institutes such as Teach First and British Council, and universities such as Cambridge, we’ve now expanded the fort to include an adult education in the roster (or, a bit more specifically, a global management accountancy qualification body).


Community for UK Trade & Investment

In early 2013 we were approved as a supplier on the government’s G-Cloud service. Since becoming an approved supplier, governmental departments and public sector organisation in the UK are now able to search for and browse BrightLemon services and consider us for their website and online community development projects.

Ensuring international success

UK Trade and Investment are the government department that ‘works with UK businesses to ensure their success in international markets’.


Youth Music selects BrightLemon

The Youth Music Network is a UK charity whose aim is to improve the lives of children via music. Since founding in 1999, they’ve already helped 2.5 million children to make music, supporting their abilities via donations from a range of sponsors.

In order to maintain the growth of this positive impact they have on young people from across the country, Youth Music have chosen BrightLemon to upgrade and redevelop their online community in order to strengthen their existing services and benefit their users even further.


MSF rebuild their blog in Drupal

Médicins Sans Frontières have tasked us with rebuilding their blog website. Built for a very large global audience, this site needs to be flexible enough to work for the extensive range of individual users and organisations it serves. And, of course, it aims to reach many more as a result of the redevelopment and redesign. As a very positive charitable organisation, MSF are well suited to BrightLemon, with a large proportion of our client list dedicated to charities and health organisations.