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Society is losing the plot...

...according to the the UK and Commonwealth’s outgoing Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathon Sacks.

We are all too individualistic, people do not care for each other like they used to, and the fundamental building blocks of society — such as marriage and the family — are no longer sacrosanct.

Is Lord Sacks correct?

And if so, what should be done about it?


Typography 01: Font basics

Anyone who uses a design or layout program whether for web or print will undoubtedly at some point be using the program's font / type functions.

What's to know?

Type is type!

Well even as a novice, after a little digging around Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Indesign etc., you find menus and pallets full of options for generating, and formatting type.

Many of us understand enough to get by and rarely delve much deeper than changing font, size and colour.


Digital community equals meaningful relationships

Last month I was both privileged and honoured to be invited to present alongside one of our clients (Toby Retallick from Youth Music) at the Charity Comms Digital Impact Conference. As per the Charity Comms web site: this event explored emerging trends, challenges and examples of innovation and best practice in digital communications.

Toby works on the Youth Music Network which reaches out to over 100,000 children via more than 300 music education projects across the UK.


Being sociable

At BrightLemon, we work with leading charities, universities, education and heritage organisations that are putting their social supporters right at the centre of their PR and marketing strategy.

The directors and managers of communications, PR, digital, engagement, customer service, brand and sales in leading organisations are beginning to feel the pressure, if they haven’t already, to get out of the silo mentality of their individual marketing discipline.


Social media is not enough

Leading brands are changing the way social media is working for them. No longer content just to let Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al be a platform for conversations about them, they are waking up to the realizstion that they be the host of those conversations in social spaces within their own websites – and that this can have enormous and wide-ranging benefits.