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Commons, community and collaboration... We used our expert community knowledge to build a social business software solution for Drupal users. 






Drupal software isn’t just a key focus for us, oh no no! Our Community Partner, Acquia, provides open cloud hosting, developer tools and world class support for Drupal. So, when they asked us to work with them on Drupal Commons - a ready-to-use solution for building online communities - how could we say no?


With Drupal being a key focus for us both and, of course, with BrightLemon’s added strength in online communities, we set out to build an open-source social business software solution.

We worked with the Acquia co-founder, Jay Batson, to streamline the scope and functionality of a major release of Drupal Commons, starting by merging both of our Discovery phases.


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By prioritising user stories and functionality, as well as collaboratively reviewing the product matrix, we decided the scope of this release.


It was developed to allow content to be organised into topic groups with blog, discussion, document, wiki, and event types which meant an improved visual appeal.

The system also allows user relationships to be formed in order to generate different types of communication and ‘following’ - resulting in advanced group listing capabilities.

We also reworked the information architecture of the Commons theme into a new more user-centric version. This was in the days before UX (user experience) was fundamental to digital projects.


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  • There are currently nearly 800 sites using Drupal Commons.

  • Users include: Twitter Developer Community, eBay Xcommerce, Mercedes, and the World Economic Forum.

  • Lauded by Forrester and Gartner social platform reports as ‘leader’ and ‘one to watch’.


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“I’m happy to say that we’ve connected up with the team at BrightLemon in the UK who has spotted the goodness in Drupal Commons. I’m personally really jazzed about this, since BrightLemon have been involved in building some fantastic Drupal-based communities in the past.” - Jay Batson, Founder and Vice President at Acquia.


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