Natural History Museum

Building the Natural History Museum's Open Air Laboratories learning pages

The Natural History Museum's needed Open Air Laboratories learning pages. In order to be kept up to date, the OPAL’s education pages needed to be redesigned and re-themed, and we were chosen for the job.



BrightLemon has been working with the Natural History Museum since 2009. For this second project together, the leading historical institution wanted the learning area of their OPAL site to be completely re-themed in order to attract more visitors and improve the overall use journey for all of the varied user types they cater for. These are mainly aimed at schools, teachers and students, but are also readily available for anyone else interested in the natural world.


natural history website



We designed and themed the OPAL education pages with the aim of creating a uniform brand and design matching the whole site. Based on intuitive user experience, we themed the OPAL education section with a platform that enables users to have a clear and informative journey through the site. We implemented the capabilities for users to view and download lesson plans, education packs and other study resources, as well as view a range of nature-related videos and images.



  • The site has dramatically boosted nature-focused learning in schools.