NHS London MyHealthLondon

When NHS London came to us looking to improve their innovative myhealthlondon website, we were thrilled to assist them in providing patients with enhanced access to healthcare information across the capital.




NHS London initially worked on the award winning project with digital agency, Reading Room, however they came to us wanting an extension of work to the digital health and lifestyle magazine.

With demand for online services growing, BrightLemon set about personalising the site and making it more efficient for its London users and NHS staff.




One of the main aims of the project was to increase public and professional engagement in the healthcare system by providing patients and GP’s with a stronger voice.




BrightLemon developers achieved this by using Drupal’s flexible user profile system, allowing membership to receive customisable information about health care services which matter to them.

This also encourages users to participate in online forums, surveys and discussion groups, so they can get involved with public consultations, and have their say on the local services available.

Users can also bookmark news and create their own calendar, as well as completing online transactions such as accessing medical records and ordering repeat prescriptions.

By creating a dedicated page for each of the 1500 registered GP practices, the site now also lets patients make comparisons so they can decide which service is right for them.

With the embedded maps members can also type in their postcode and search for their own GP, as well as finding and comparing others in their local area. This provides Londoners with the tools to search GP webpages for clinics and other local services.




By March 2012, three months after launch, more than a third of GP practices in London had registered, and now the number has reached over 1500.

Our developers successfully created a digital platform that engages NHS’s London’s target audience and gives them a personalised experience.




“We loved working on this project, this was all about creating functionality that provides better public access to important information and we really enjoyed our involvement and contribution to this... We think myhealthlondon will make a real difference.” - Loredana Laera, Project Manager at BrightLemon