Building one of the busiest press hubs in the entertainment sector

Viacom, global media company and international host of some of the world’s most famous entertainment channels, receives a large number of requests for press information. They needed a site that journalists and external press representatives could use to access press releases and artwork with ease.


This project focussed on press in the UK and Ireland and incorporated three brands: Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV. There had to be one core functionality and a site template for all three, but each section needed to clearly represent the channel's identity, as well as have individual content. This would also ensure that the user experience was the same for each site and, subsequently, the same for each Viacom press user.


We built one site, using Drupal, with a section for each of the three channels. MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon were all individually personalised to suit their theming and branding using a multi-layer of sub themes, resulting in a very visually appealing three-piece press suite. As there would be an ever-growing number of files on the site, we implemented advanced search abilities, filter options and featured content that would keep things simple for users. As much as we’d love them to see every single page of the site, we couldn’t make them trail around it for no reason!

Same functionality, different branding

Multi sub-theme layering allowed for each brand section to take on that channel’s branding

User tracked downloads

Artwork subject to disclaimers can be accepted and downloads can be tracked

Related content all in one place

Latest artwork and press releases are easily accessible

Searching and filtering

Free text search and programme filtering allows users to easily locate pages

Clever, attentive and highly capable. BrightLemon have proven themselves expertly qualified to deliver our new press site. Their attention to detail, in delivering a solution that met the needs of distinct brands within VIMN whilst producing a robust platform for journalist communities, has been remarkable. This, coupled with their speedy and efficient pace, makes BrightLemon a worthwhile partner for complex web solutions - we're happy to recommend them.

Daniel Gower

Development Project Manager,
Viacom UK


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