Webinar - The Value of Building an Online Community

BrightLemon will be hosting a webinar on May 17th with Acquia; it will discuss the values behind building an online community with reference to BrightLemon case studies, Drupal Commons and the Acquia partnership plan.





Date & time: Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 - 9:00 (EST) / 13:00 (GMT) Duration: 60 min Speakers: Leon Tong (BrightLemon), Jim Shaw, Amanda Wilson (Acquia)




Social business is no longer a nice to have, but now a business imperative to improve customer engagement, build loyal partner networks, and improve internal collaboration. All of the most popular web sites on the Internet today — meaning the most visited and most engaging — are either social networks or online communities. It is now a leading trend that these social elements take place within a company or organisations own online space, providing a number of user and stakeholder benefits.

Join BrightLemon and Acquia for a one-hour webinar where we will discuss what the key components of these online communities are and how they contribute to creating a strong, engaging online network which grows organically.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Key components and best practices in building communities of value
  • Benefits and value of the community to the business stake holder and end user
  • Case study examples of these what online communities can achieve
  • Benefits of using Drupal to build your community with long-term goals in mind





Kevin Libby - Acquia

  • Will give a general introduction into Acquia and what their partnerships plan offers


Leon Tong - BrightLemon

  • Introduction to BrightLemon
  • Benefits of creating an online community
  • Key components which make a successful online community
  • Suggestions on how to grow a 100,000 + community
  • English Online case study example


Amanda Wilson - Acquia

  • Discusses & demo's Drupal Commons in relation to BrightLemon's online communities




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