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Viacom International Media Networks
By bladmin
Viacom, global media company and international host of some of the world’s most famous entertainment channels, receives a large number of requests for press information. They needed a site that journalists and external press representatives could use to access press releases and artwork with ease.
By Leon Tong
At BrightLemon, we work with leading charities, universities, education and heritage organisations that are putting their social supporters right at the centre of their PR and marketing strategy. The directors and managers of communications, PR, digital, engagement, customer service, brand and sales in leading organisations are beginning to feel the pressure, if they haven’t already, to get out of the silo mentality of their individual marketing discipline.
By Leon Tong
Leading brands are changing the way social media is working for them. No longer content just to let Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al be a platform for conversations about them, they are waking up to the realizstion that they be the host of those conversations in social spaces within their own websites – and that this can have enormous and wide-ranging benefits.