Cambridge University

Cambridge University Centre
By Leon Tong
As part of the Estate Management division, the Cambridge University Centre offers social facilities for graduate and research students, as well as University and College staff, alumni and their guests. However, the Centre’s website wasn’t providing its super clever/organised/busy students with a supportive enough online platform. So we came along with our (almost as) clever selves to help the Centre’s online presence match their offline facilities.
By Alex Malloy
Teaser image credit: Cambridge University Library / Leader image credit: ELT Jam We’ve been fluttery-eyed for education over the past couple of years, and our love for all things learning doesn’t look like it’s going to dwindle any time soon…
By Leon Tong
We would like to share the work of Andy Batey and Hardip Sanghera, two attendees of our Introducing and Advanced Drupal training sessions back in November. Three months later the two have completed their first Drupal site for Cambridge University's Institute of Astronomy.