Charity / heritage online communities

By Monique Canuti
Programmers and coders are solitary kinds of people. A developer plus a computer, throw an internet connection in: you get a nice new website. Obviously these are very outdated views of website development. Whether it’s big or small, local or international, a web development project requires human communication and interaction to ensure it works well for and is understood by the people who will be using it. And it’s a creative process (yes, even the code!).
By Will Heinemann
Image credit: Gábor Hojtsy Agencies, freelancers, Drupalers of all kinds have faced a bad fortnight. If you’re involved in Drupal, digital, or you’re a BBC News reader, you’ll be aware of the SQL injection bug that’s compromised security for many of the world’s websites built with the CMS.
By Audrius Vaitonis
The Youth Music Network is a UK charity whose aim is to improve the lives of children via music. Since founding in 1999, they’ve already helped 2.5 million children to make music, supporting their abilities via donations from a range of sponsors. In order to maintain the growth of this positive impact they have on young people from across the country, Youth Music have chosen BrightLemon to upgrade and redevelop their online community in order to strengthen their existing services and benefit their users even further.
By jenny
Médicins Sans Frontières have tasked us with rebuilding their blog website. Built for a very large global audience, this site needs to be flexible enough to work for the extensive range of individual users and organisations it serves. And, of course, it aims to reach many more as a result of the redevelopment and redesign. As a very positive charitable organisation, MSF are well suited to BrightLemon, with a large proportion of our client list dedicated to charities and health organisations.
By Leon Tong
Anyone who uses a design or layout program whether for web or print will undoubtedly at some point be using the program's font / type functions. What's to know? Type is type! Well even as a novice, after a little digging around Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Indesign etc., you find menus and pallets full of options for generating, and formatting type. Many of us understand enough to get by and rarely delve much deeper than changing font, size and colour.
By Leon Tong
BrightLemon hosted the second in a series of successful breakfast seminars aimed at comms managers in the education, charity and heritage sectors wanting to engage more effectively with their audiences online. The event was attended by nearly twenty marcomms, PR, and digital engagement professionals seeking to reach, recruit and engage new audiences through social platforms and communities.