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By Long Tran
Content management Drupal is packed with tools to help you organize, structure and find your content. Content can be categorized with taxonomy and can flexibly associated with other content on the site. All content are created with user-friendly url that makes it easier to find and search engine friendly. Content is managed using an intuitive interface.
By Matt Rogers
Drupal is a market leading content management system (CMS) and quite frankly we love it! All of our websites and online communities are built in Drupal. Our dedicated team of Drupal developers use it every single day (both inside and outside of work). Yet even we are sometimes surprised at the sheer number of modules and support there is for Drupal within the development community. For anyone new to Drupal, we've prepared a brief fact sheet to give you a very bird’s eye view of what the Drupal community has achieved. Drupal stats as of Nov 2015:
Validating required invisible FAPI fields in Drupal 7
By John Durance
Drupal 7 provides a form API for constructing both simple and dynamic forms. Dynamic forms display their fields based on user interactions with the form – such as selecting an option from a select list. There are really two ways to make a dynamic form:
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By Vincenzo Gambino
Sometimes a client has the need to deliver content in different languages from their website to increase traffic and have more visibility across the web. Drupal has two main modules to implement translation of content in order to make a site multilingual.
By Vincenzo Gambino
by our intern, Henry From the 5th until the 8th of August I spent my time working within the community of BrightLemon and although a short stay here, there was still much to absorb, learn and take in from my experiences and surroundings. Furthermore the last few days have given me an invaluable insight into the structure and workings of a digital agency; the roles of the individuals and teams and also the the long term relationships that are built up between BrightLemon and its clients.
By Leon Tong
Company Background Samuel French has been publishing, selling and leasing plays for performance since 1830. With expertise spanning 175 years, it is a well-established company offering a worldwide mail order service with over 2000 play-scripts available, plus a bookshop stocking a wide range of scripts and technical books on all aspects of theatre. The Requirement To create an updated e-commerce solution for the company that will facilitate the user experience and reflect the company’s work and heritage.