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By bladmin
Ever feel like you can’t get your foot in the door long enough to sell to the big guns within the UK public sector?   While the thought of pitching to someone within the public realm might seem daunting to SMEs and startup companies, the government has recently committed to spending £1 in £3 with SMEs by 2022 and involving more SMEs in projects.  
By Matt Rogers
This is now long overdue, but six months down the line I've finally written my very first blog for As the 'new' Business Development Manager, I thought I'd start by sharing with you all why I wanted to work for BrightLemon in the first place, and provide a brief insight into the digital trends that have my attention in 2015. Why BrightLemon?
UKTI homepage
By Leon Tong
We delivered an online portal that builds on the GREAT Britain campaign brand in order to drive investment and showcase the very best of what Britain has to offer to potential foreign investors.
By Will Heinemann
In early 2013 we were approved as a supplier on the government’s G-Cloud service. Since becoming an approved supplier, governmental departments and public sector organisation in the UK are now able to search for and browse BrightLemon services and consider us for their website and online community development projects. Ensuring international success UK Trade and Investment are the government department that ‘works with UK businesses to ensure their success in international markets’.
By Leon Tong
After hearing Drupal Camp London speaker Mark Taylor explain the UK Government's new framework for approved suppliers, we have been considered and accepted by the government procurement service G Cloud iii as an approved Drupal supplier to be considered for work by the UK Government. Mark gave a very influential speech at the recent Drupal event and spoke with much enthusiasm about the government's commitment to open-source technology. 
By Leon Tong
24% of all .gov sites in operation are built using Drupal (as 2012); in the USA this includes all state websites as well as major websites for NASA, the House of Representatives and the Whitehouse.
By Leon Tong
On a trip to China, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared his full support for the British Council's English Online social networking web site, which was designed and built by Brightlemon. The site is an online resource for Chinese people wishing to learn the English language.