By bladmin
Since January, we’ve all been speculating which tech trends would win our hearts over. Now that 2018 is more than halfway over, we researched the top technologies that are packing a punch within the realms of the public sector, the workplace, and even our homes this year.   What technologies are the public sector excited about? (Hint: it’s not Fortnight or Facebook)  
By Leon Tong
Tomorrow I'm heading down to the D&AD lecture "Hegarty on Advertising" and in preparation I have typed up some notes from a previous lecture with Lord Puttnam, Alan Parker and Bob Gill. In the obligatory Question and Answer session at the end, someone in the audience asked Bob Gill the question: "How do you come up with an original idea?". Here was his answer. There was a piece in Time Magazine a while ago entitled "Ten ideas changing the world right now". The intriguing thing was that nearly all of these so called ideas were not ideas at all. They were facts.