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By Vincenzo Gambino
Sometimes a client has the need to deliver content in different languages from their website to increase traffic and have more visibility across the web. Drupal has two main modules to implement translation of content in order to make a site multilingual.
By jenny
Médicins Sans Frontières have tasked us with rebuilding their blog website. Built for a very large global audience, this site needs to be flexible enough to work for the extensive range of individual users and organisations it serves. And, of course, it aims to reach many more as a result of the redevelopment and redesign. As a very positive charitable organisation, MSF are well suited to BrightLemon, with a large proportion of our client list dedicated to charities and health organisations.
By Clare Holden
Creating an international education platform After a succession of very positive education sector projects in 2013, we are happy to announce a new partnership to add to the list. It takes the form of a Drupal website project for the Saudi Arabia’s University of Dammam. The majority of our previous education projects have been for clients based in the UK - an exception being our work with China’s division of British Council where we built a site for English-learners with Chinese language capabilities.
By Leon Tong
I worked on the English Online project for close to four years. We started in 2007 with a simple goal 'to promote the learning and teaching of English in China'. With nearly 300 million active learners of English and 400,000 teachers of English, I didn't think it would be a difficult sell. And it wasn't. Users signed up in their tens of thousands and visits regularly topped 30 million a year. But in my view, these kind of metrics only tell part of the story.