By jenny
It’s always good to keep up with the many Drupal meetups and events, especially with the variety going on in London. But, in good Drupal-community spirit, it’s also great to spread across the tech horizon and get involved with other digital events and conferences. So, we’re heading over to Symfony Live to represent Drupal, as well as brush up on our Symfony knowledge and meet some Symfony developers.
By bladmin
At BrightLemon™ we do a lot of web development using the combination of Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (also know as LAMP). One issue we've encountered is how to automatically run PHP scripts. With PERL scripts it's easy - just add the script path to the cron job. (the cron is an automatic scheduler for linux which allows scripts to run daily, weekly, monthly...) Two good resources that cover this topic are: and
By Leon Tong
By Catheryne Hunte Security is highly important for any application and not just web applications . Security measures should be taken at all stages of the systems development life cycle; and a combination of different precautions is the best way to ensure protection for your web application.
By bladmin
About the Mandarama web site The Mandarama web site is an online Chinese learning, subscription-based web site aimed at new learners of Mandarin. Specifically targetting primary and secondary school students in the UK, USA and overseas schools the site features: About Mandarama (from the Mandarama web site)