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By jenny
After a busy first six months at BrightLemon, I felt it high time to share some of my design experience and the fundamental principles of what good design means to me. From innovating community sites with thousands of active users, to interactive learning tools, even a service based around a dating site. It has been great fun solving different clients needs and helping them create some great looking websites.
By bladmin
Image credit: SamahR This article was originally featured on the Creative Blog online magazine (we just thought we’d double up and share it on here, too!) Brightlemon's Leon Tong and Inspiral Design's Mukhtar Sanders reveal how to design for an Arabic audience...
By bladmin
As we already saw in a previous blog (Web Design with CSS Part 1), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow for much richer document appearances than HTML ever allowed. CSS let you set colors on texts and in the background of any element . All the style information for a page can be centralized in one place and it is possible to applicate the same style sheet to multiple pages. There are three different ways of inserting a style sheet:
By bladmin
The new Brightlemon web site recently moved to the number one spot in Google for the phrase "web design london". (Try typing the phrase into Google or visiting: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=web+design+london We're also at or near the top of page one for a number of other phrases:
By Leon Tong
Brightlemon web design London are pleased to announce the scheduled release of a standalone advanced social networking platform. The platform is aimed at web agencies, marketing agencies, branding agencies and web design companies who wish to rapidly develop and deploy a social networking web site.