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By Long Tran
Content management Drupal is packed with tools to help you organize, structure and find your content. Content can be categorized with taxonomy and can flexibly associated with other content on the site. All content are created with user-friendly url that makes it easier to find and search engine friendly. Content is managed using an intuitive interface.
Viacom International Media Networks
By bladmin
Viacom, global media company and international host of some of the world’s most famous entertainment channels, receives a large number of requests for press information. They needed a site that journalists and external press representatives could use to access press releases and artwork with ease.
By Matt Rogers
Background The aim of this project – still under development – is to develop a data visualisation application. It must be multi-purpose, able to be used again and again, and to display datasets in innovative and interesting ways. The data visualisations must be accessible to all web users and easy to share. The datasets could be from big data, live data, or website data.
By Matt Rogers
Drupal is a market leading content management system (CMS) and quite frankly we love it! All of our websites and online communities are built in Drupal. Our dedicated team of Drupal developers use it every single day (both inside and outside of work). Yet even we are sometimes surprised at the sheer number of modules and support there is for Drupal within the development community. For anyone new to Drupal, we've prepared a brief fact sheet to give you a very bird’s eye view of what the Drupal community has achieved. Drupal stats as of Nov 2015:
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By Monique Canuti
So as well as ensuring all our current staff are well looked after I am also responsible for recruiting new employees at BrightLemon. 1.  What are we looking for? A great personality with a dedication and passion for building and improving online community content management systems for some of the worlds biggest and most meaningful companies! 2.  How can you make your CV stand out to us?
By Matt Rogers
This is now long overdue, but six months down the line I've finally written my very first blog for As the 'new' Business Development Manager, I thought I'd start by sharing with you all why I wanted to work for BrightLemon in the first place, and provide a brief insight into the digital trends that have my attention in 2015. Why BrightLemon?
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By Leon Tong
Business in the Community’s (BiTC) aim is to encourage organisations to create more sustainable communities by working together on social and environmental issues. After nearly 30 years of work, the landscape had changed and BitC identified that online community was now an integral part of successfully promoting community work.
Cima girl with ipad
By bladmin
As the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants, we were extremely excited to embark on a brand new project with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).