Closing the gender gap
By John Durance
Recently, a friend from my running group sent me a link to a TED talk titled: Are we born to run? One of the points the speaker makes is that at shorter distances, such as over a mile, women are much slower runners than men, but as distances get longer women get much closer to parity with men.
By Vincenzo Gambino
I had recently been working with PHP's mail function(), sending out automated HTML e-mails when a form was submitted. In the past this has always been fine when sending plain text e-mails, and I don't usually send PHP e-mails in HTML. But, there were problems on various computers in the office. Some mail clients rendered the entire e-mail correctly, whereas others would add mysterious exclamation marks "!" to random areas of the e-mail. Obviously this had to be fixed, so I did some research to find out more about the problem.
By bladmin
Ever wondered if there was a way to create clean, fast, drop down or fly out menus just using CSS and HTML? Well actually there's couple of ways to achieve this using either divs or lists formatted in a specific way. Here's a nice simple and easy to follow example I recently found over at This page will show you the menu in action and give you further info on it's abilities. To view the HTML/CSS that creates the menu, 'view source' in your browser. The CSS styles are found in the head of the document. Plus points of this particular menu are: 1. No javascript. 2.
By bladmin
Love them or hate them, most web designers will at some point be asked to design and code them. They are HTML Emails. Is there really any difference between coding a web page and a HMTL email? They're both HTML documents that we view on our computers, right? Well yes, but that is just the tip of the ice berg! Below is a wealth of information collected from and article by Tim Slavin on
By bladmin
Love them or hate them as a receipient, as a designer/develpoer you will at some point be asked to create them; HTML Newsletters. Seems straight forward enough? Slice up and design and convert to html - job done?