“The site was the ever-present tool that formed the backbone of the event and played a vital role in our reaching targets of 10% of the nation's school population, with over 2,500 schools and organisations registering and over 1 million students and teachers participating directly during the festival week. The CMS built by BrightLemon helped us manage registration, validation and content on the site and create a safe user friendly environment.”

Shine Week

"Clever, attentive and highly capable. BrightLemon have proven themselves expertly qualified to deliver our new press site. Their attention to detail, in delivering a solution that met the needs of distinct brands within VIMN whilst producing a robust platform for journalist communities, has been remarkable. This, coupled with their speedy and efficient pace, makes BrightLemon a worthwhile partner for complex web solutions - we're happy to recommend them."

Viacom UK

“In the two months since launch, the number of actions has nearly doubled, reaching 96,000 actions at the time of writing, a rise of approximately 1200% compared to actions taken prior to redevelopment.”

Amnesty International

“BrightLemon have been one of the most accommodating companies we have worked with. Delivering a project for a government department brings its own particular demands and they were extremely good at switching priorities and taking a flexible approach. Their help and expertise has extended far beyond the relatively narrow remit of designing the website. The final product has won praise within our own organisation and amongst the potential clients we are seeking to attract and we are delighted to appear on the client list of such a professional team.”


“We selected BrightLemon as our development partners due to their proven experience with Drupal and online community building strategies. Our partnership has worked exceptionally well throughout the development process with BrightLemon providing sound recommendations on site functionality and applying community building strategies.”

Teach First

“I’m happy to say that we’ve connected up with the team at BrightLemon in the UK who has spotted the goodness in Drupal Commons. I’m personally really jazzed about this, since BrightLemon have been involved in building some fantastic Drupal-based communities in the past. “


“BrightLemon are a company moving in to the future in terms of providing social media solutions for education projects. Their friendly, consultative approach combined with an innovative team of developers and project managers mean that they are a pleasure to work with.”

Plan International

“I was faced with the challenge to design and deliver a brand new community-driven travel site that required not only deep technical skills but also an astute knowledge of emerging web trends, business models and social strategies. It was clear to me that I needed a web ‘partner’ and not just a supplier.  After a long search, we identified BrightLemon as the people for the job.

Using Drupal, an open source CMS, we set out on the journey with BrightLemon to build a rich social site that included all the features you’d expect from today’s popular social sites plus items specific to our value proposition. This included member generated travel guides with ‘save as draft’ options, integration with a complex hotel rate checking API and advanced ‘travel companion’ search using the latest search technology.

Has it been a success? We are still in the early stages of our site launch but our user feedback and customer growth is impressive. Over 95% of our users rated the good or very good, over 65% will use the site a bit or a lot more than before and over 2000 people have joined since its launch just a few weeks ago. That says it all really!”

Thelma & Louise

“After an extensive search for a new web development company, we selected BrightLemon in November 2009 to help us transform our website from one which was very static and underused, to a slick, dynamic social site that allowed us to engage with our customers in a way in which we hadn’t before. Today we’re continuing to work with BrightLemon on the next phases of our site and it’s their superior knowledge on social networks and trends, as well as their effective project management skills that keep us coming back!”

New Covent Garden Market

“When we turned up at BrightLemon with an ambitious but admittedly slightly sketchy idea for the Explore Rowing Social Network the guys helped us shape this idea into a coherent structure for delivery.  Using their experience of previous social networks, BrightLemon brought the site together in what was a limited time period to produce something that every one of our stakeholders is happy with!

I’ve been involved in a number of web builds in the past and quite often the final site is very different from what you’d imagined and seen in mock-ups however this site was much better than our original vision and we are delighted with the end result.

Thanks guys!"

British Rowing

“We worked with BrightLemon when we commissioned them on a big project for the British Council called English Online.

Our site was built in Drupal an open source CMS and BrightLemon led the development of a site which contained multilingual capacity as well as an in depth registration and customer relationship management system as a foundation for our community driven website for English learners across mainland China and Hong Kong.

BrightLemon developed a widget as well as a mobile website to cater for users accessing the mobile web. All of this has contributed to over 50,000 members in our first year since launch.”

British Council

“The site was the ever-present tool that formed the backbone of the project and played a vital role in our reaching targets of 10% of the nation's school population, with over 2,500 schools and organisations registering and over 1 million students and teachers.”

Shine Week

“We are looking to BrightLemon to help us adopt best practices in web content management, online community building and mobile delivery and to make key University content easy to manage for the many editors across a number of websites.”

University of Cambridge