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Over 14 years experience devising, collaborating on, creating and managing highly successful and engaging online communty projects for clients such as the Department for Education / Creative Partnerships / Creativity, Culture and Education / the Arts Council / the British Council / Amnesty International and Plan International has led me to become a keen supporter of Drupal and the value of building effective social networks for education and the third sector. On graduating from King's College, London I worked in a team for a nationwide Department for Education initiative, proceeding to Perl development in the city of London for the French version of the financial information portal ADVFN before setting up BrightLemon. I have presented on education and online communities at numerous social media and Drupal events in the UK including Google, HSBC and Sun Microsystems.

Interesting fact: "Very often do the captains of such ships take those absent-minded young philosophers to task, upbraiding them with not feeling sufficient "interest" in the voyage; half-hinting that they are so hopelessly lost to all honourable ambition, as that in their secret souls they would rather not see whales than otherwise. But all in vain; those young Platonists have a notion that their vision is imperfect; they are short-sighted; what use, then, to strain the visual nerve? They have left their opera-glasses at home."