Learning and professional development online communities

By Audrius Vaitonis
Youth Music contracted BrightLemon to migrate their existing Drupal 6 (D6) site to a newer, more stable and reliable version of Drupal. We caught up with Audrius, one of our talented Drupal developers, to ask him a few questions about the project.
Chalk drawn hat
By Leon Tong
Brightlemon were proud to be chosen as the agency to build Teach First’s website. We recently caught up with one of the project team to discuss the site and why Drupal was such a great choice for Teach First.
By Matt Rogers
As a Drupal agency, “community” and “giving back” are truly embedded in our DNA. This blog post covers one of the ways the team at BrightLemon have recently given back to the community.
Definition of learning
By Vincenzo Gambino
Vincenzo Gambino is a Drupal Association Certified Developer and Ping Pong Ace. He is also the principal architect of Pearson’s HN Global online learning platform. We dragged Vinny away from the ping pong table during one of his rare breaks to ask him some questions about the project.
By Long Tran
Long Tran is a Senior Developer here at BrightLemon. One of the many websites that Long has worked on is CIMA Connect, the community website for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). We asked Long a few questions about the project.
The scale of Middle East oil reserves
By John Durance
If you haven't heard, someone has struck oil in Surrey – yes, in Surrey – but before you consider rushing to the home counties, the BBC news article I read last week reports that only a fraction of the oil is recoverable. The UK is not about to rival the big Middle East oil giants.
Putting voter turnout on the map
By John Durance
2010 general election voter turnoutWith a general election less than one month away the news will soon be filled with election predictions and statistics. Such election data is a perfect subject for a project I am currently working on at BrightLemon.
Crowd shot with coloured speech bubbles
By Monique Canuti
So as well as ensuring all our current staff are well looked after I am also responsible for recruiting new employees at BrightLemon. 1.  What are we looking for? A great personality with a dedication and passion for building and improving online community content management systems for some of the worlds biggest and most meaningful companies! 2.  How can you make your CV stand out to us?
Closing the gender gap
By John Durance
Recently, a friend from my running group sent me a link to a TED talk titled: Are we born to run? One of the points the speaker makes is that at shorter distances, such as over a mile, women are much slower runners than men, but as distances get longer women get much closer to parity with men.