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By Alex Malloy
Teaser image credit: Cambridge University Library / Leader image credit: ELT Jam We’ve been fluttery-eyed for education over the past couple of years, and our love for all things learning doesn’t look like it’s going to dwindle any time soon…
By bladmin
Image credit: SamahR This article was originally featured on the Creative Blog online magazine (we just thought we’d double up and share it on here, too!) Brightlemon's Leon Tong and Inspiral Design's Mukhtar Sanders reveal how to design for an Arabic audience...
By jenny
Anyone happen to take a trip over to Saudi Arabia over the weekend? No? Well, if you had you would have heard all about the launch of the new University of Dammam site we’ve just completed! We are very proud to say that yesterday the Prince of Dammam, Mohammad Bin Fahd, hosted a ceremony in his Saudi Arabian city for the launch. Watch this space for photos of the event...
By jenny
It’s always good to keep up with the many Drupal meetups and events, especially with the variety going on in London. But, in good Drupal-community spirit, it’s also great to spread across the tech horizon and get involved with other digital events and conferences. So, we’re heading over to Symfony Live to represent Drupal, as well as brush up on our Symfony knowledge and meet some Symfony developers.
By jenny
As specialists in creating online communities for the education sector, we are pleased to announce a new student-based online community project with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. After having completed projects with schooling and education institutes such as Teach First and British Council, and universities such as Cambridge, we’ve now expanded the fort to include an adult education in the roster (or, a bit more specifically, a global management accountancy qualification body).