Launching Brightlemon’s Breakfast Seminar Series

 by Alan Newland

We hosted the first in a series of breakfast seminars to discuss and present the challenges and successes in building online communities.

The first of these featured Olivia Rainford, Networks and Engagement Manager for Teach First, who discussed how the redesign and restructure of their community has grown user engagement and community membership from 1500 to 4200 in the last two years. She also explained some of the specifics of how they measure the success of the community such as the increase of average user time on site, how clear calls to action and community-created content has deepened engagement.

BrightLemon Director, Leon Tong, also gave a short explanation of the social theories behind online communities and engaged attendees in a short workshop where they were tasked to think about their own community audiences and how their own organisations could benefit from an online community.

The seminar attracted delegates from many of London’s higher education institutions as well as charities and other member organisations.

“Great way to get the creative ideas flowing, especially with people from other organisations

Ellie Cook, Kings College London

Full of interesting ideas & concepts which I will be able to take away

Ben Hancock, Goldsmiths College

Very good speakers, great venue, no sales pitch

Nik Dadson, The Quakers