DrupalCamp London 2018: What to Look Forward to

by Kayla Toh

These are the things that we recommend putting on your agenda at DrupalCamp London this year.

It’s here. The event of the year. We’ve been looking forward to this since DrupalCon Europe and not even the ‘Beast from the East’ could stop us from setting up camp. Come rain or shine (or snow in this case) DrupalCamp is still taking place in the heart of London this weekend.

It may be a rather chilly one this year, but it’s nothing that a hot coffee and the warmth of the Drupal community can’t fix. Plus, there are plenty of exciting things on the agenda to get your blood pumping.

With over 40 sessions to see, 8 keynote speeches to listen to and over 20 exhibition booths to visit, you may be wondering where to begin and end. As a reference point, here are all the things that we’re most looking forward to this year – both technical and non-technical.

CXO Dinner

Our director, Leon Tong, is one of the organisers and founders of DrupalCamp London. He’ll be attending the CXO day on Friday 2nd March, a day that is primarily focused on the business leaders in Drupal. This year, there will be a CXO dinner party taking place after the event. What better way to unwind from the week than by wining and dining with some of the best names in Drupal? It’s a great opportunity for agency leaders to network, share experiences, and gain contacts in a relaxed and informal environment.

Barney Brown’s Keynote Speech

BrightLemon worked closely with the University of Cambridge’s Head of Digital, Barney Brown, to create the university’s current website. On Friday, he’ll be attending the CXO day to discuss how Drupal changed the face of one of the oldest and most established educational institutions in the world.

Roberta Lucca’s Keynote speech

Roberta Lucca is an incredible role model for both women and men in the tech industry – she has been voted in the ‘Top 35 Women Under 35’ by Management Today, ‘Top 3 Women in Games’, ‘Influential Tech Leader’ and was Everywoman’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ finalist. Roberta has one of the most interesting success stories and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

The BrightLemon Community Funfair

The BrightLemon team will be setting up camp early doors on the Saturday. This year, we’re bringing the fun to DrupalCamp London (quite literally) with a funfair themed exhibition booth. Event attendees will have the chance to play our fairground themed games, win prizes, grab freebies and chat to our representatives over a box of popcorn. We are looking forward to meeting all of the brilliant Drupal enthusiasts.

Let’s Take the Best Route – Exploring the Drupal 8 Routing System

This session is excellent for those interested in Symfony. Drupal 8’s routing system arose from Symfony, so this session will clarify the difference between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8’s routing system and will teach you how to define routes your own way, whilst putting the best practices into defining them.

Behat – Arguably the best tool to switch to Automated testing from Manual

For those involved in coding and development, this is a saturday session that may be of particular appeal. Changing from Manual QA testing to Automated can be a seriously scary thought – it means complex framework, setup and lots of coding. Behat can help you with this. This session will cover everything from what it is, the installation, writing tests, extensions, and custom functions.

Why Drupal needs the benefits of marketing

For those involved in the marketing or business development of a Drupal agency, this is a key session to attend. As an Open Source platform that has no marketing team, how does Drupal promote itself? Michel van Velde is the co-organizer of the Drupal CEO survey and Drupal CEO diner and he’ll explain why Drupal needs marketing from a business point of view and a developers point of view. He will also give examples on how to market Drupal and the benefits for both the Drupal development community as well as the business community.

Saturday Social

Every year, DrupalCamp London has a Saturday night social event at a local venue. The social always proves to be one of the most eventful and enjoyable elements of DrupalCamp London. One of the organisers of DrupalCamp London, Alex Burrows, will be DJ for the night, so expect a lot of big dance moves and brilliant cheesy tunes. It’s an experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Make your site findable

This is another great talk for those involved not just in the build of a website, but also in the marketing. The key to a good, discoverable website is a good SEO strategy. But good SEO means more than just using the metatag module. This session will highlight the most common pitfalls, the best practices and the SEO trends for 2018.

Growing developers with Drupal

A session aimed at team leaders, as well as graduate or junior developers. ‘Growing developers with Drupal’ will discuss different experiences managing and mentoring teams of developers and how the Drupal approach to projects can change depending on the current team and how Drupal itself can help in the growth of developers.

Chris Teitzel’s keynote speech

Chris Teitzel is the founder/CEO of Cellar Door Media and Lockr.io. Originally a molecular biologist, he now works to create mobile strategies for clients. More recently, he is focused on security within Drupal, specifically around data privacy and security. With the GDPR soon to be put in place, it will be very interesting to hear what Chris has to say about Drupal developers adhering to best practices.

All in all it looks to be a jam-packed weekend full of learning, networking, socialising and inspiring. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces whilst also meeting many new ones. If you are attending, be sure to visit the BrightLemon trade show booth and say hello to one our of team members. We’re always up for a chat!