The Highlights from DrupalCamp London 2018

by Kayla Toh

Have you got the DrupalCamp London blues? Relive all the best bits from the event in this blog post.

It’s midweek and we’ve just about recovered from all of the antics at DrupalCamp London over the recent weekend. Several members from our team were in attendance and with it being a highly anticipated event for all of us, we’re glad to say that it fully lived up to our expectations. Some employees even admitted that this year was the best DrupalCamp London so far!

For those of us that had attended DrupalCamp London before, it was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and get involved with the Drupal community again. And for those whose first time it was, it was a chance to put faces to the names of people and partners that they’d only spoken to over email.

Our team at DrupalCamp London represented all different sectors from within the company, with a variation of skill sets and Drupal knowledge. But we found that there was something for all of us at the event. These were our favourite moments from over the weekend.

Kicking off DrupalCamp London 2018

BrightLemon’s Director, Leon, was one of the co-founders for DrupalCamp London back in 2012 and has contributed heavily to the Drupal community ever since. It was a proud moment seeing him kick off the camp in front of some of the leading names in Drupal on the CXO day.

(Photography by Chandeep Khosa)

A reminder to do good

Ryan Szrama is well-known in the community due to his huge accomplishments in Drupal. He’s the co-founder of Commerce Guys, which led to the development of Drupal Commerce in Drupal 7, which is used today on over 60,000 websites. It was humbling to hear a success story with an underlying message to help others and give back. We all set out with a mission to do well in life and it becomes so easy to get caught up in pursuing this that you eventually forget about doing some good: “What good is it for someone gain the world but forfeit their soul in the process?”

(Photography by Baddy Breidert)

BrightLemon Community Funfair

We were really pleased with how the BrightLemon trade show booth turned out this year. We had the intention to bring the fun to Drupal with a funfair themed stand and, after receiving amazing feedback from other attendees, we think our mission was a huge success!

Not only did we give away fresh popcorn and rainbow lollipops, we also had a Drupal-themed ‘tin can crash’ game – which we called ‘DeCANpled Drupal’ in reference to the Decoupled Drupal module. If players were able to knock down all the cans in three shots, they received an Amazon voucher prize.

It was great to see so many people enthusiastic about the game and giving it their best shot (quite literally). But it proved to be more difficult than expected, as we only had 4 winners over the weekend. So we want to give a massive congratulations to the Dev-Branch representatives and Paul Reeves’ daughters for their wins!


Hearing about the future of Drupal

Megan Sanicki from the Drupal Association filled us with positivity and excitement for the future of the Drupal Project. It was interesting to hear about all of the behind the scenes hard work that the Drupal Association do to benefit the developers, the community, and the promotion and growth of the project itself. 2018 will see an acceleration in new users, a stronger user journey, more support for the community health and a stronger foundation of support for the Drupal Association.

(Photography by Paul Johnson)

Fortune telling by Softescu

One of our favourite swag goodies from the event was a clever and quirky fortune cookie from Softescu. Each cookie had a unique fortune prediction inside, with some quotes focused on Drupal and some more generic. We loved this simple but effective marketing idea and saw plenty of people tweeting their good fortunes – a very clever way to get engaged and stick in people’s minds.

(Photography by Softescu)

International friendships

One of the most surprising things about DrupalCamp London is how ethnically diverse it is. People travel from all around the world to attend and speak at the event and we have made meaningful, long-term connections with many international friends. This year, we met some brilliant and bright people from Italy, India, Ireland, and Romania.


Learning how to do magic with Drupal

In Chris Teitzil’s words; “What we do to many is the same as Superman flying. Magic”. Chris Teitzil is the CEO/founder of Lockr and Cellar Door Media and is someone who has the aim to make a difference in the Drupal project, as well as the world. He emphasised all of the amazing ways that Drupal is helping and contributing to the success of companies.

Flying a plane with

We never knew that our paper plane flying days from primary school would follow us into our adult life. made us brush up on our origami skills in a competition to win a NASA Lego sculpture. From one perspective, it was humorous seeing grown men and women become so intensely focused and competitive about a paper plane. On the other hand, we were one of those people who desperately wanted to win that Lego.


Making the web personal

A highlight session was ‘Personalisation in 7 Dimensions’ by Richard Jones from Inviqa. Richard stated dynamic content is taking over the web and we need intelligent personalisation to stay ahead of the game. There are seven factors to consider when personalising content in order to provide unforgettable user experience and increase engagement:

  • Vertical page (“The River of Content”)
  • Horizontal page (not used as often)
  • Who (understand the person and their desires)
  • When (dependant on time of day/date)
  • Where (dependant on the geotag)
  • What (description)
  • Why (offering guidance)

Blowing the budget in 45 minutes

The Drupal community clearly know how to party. Those who were at the social on Saturday night managed to spend the whole £1,000 drinks tab within 45 minutes. The turn out at the Blacksmith & Toffeemaker pub was impressive and the lovely nature and good humour of the Drupal community really shone through. The venue was full of friendly, merry people laughing, dancing and drinking the night away.

Treating the taste buds

The Drupal Community can apparently eat just as fast as they can drink! The hot food buffet on the last day of the event went down an absolute treat. Code clearly makes people hungry. The continental mixture of grab-and-go bites was the tastiest food that DrupalCamp London has ever provided. We hope this is on next year’s agenda too!

(Photography by DrupalCamp London)

The weeks spent preparing and organising were over before we know it, as the three days just seem to fly by within a blink of an eye. And despite feeling exhausted from all of the adrenaline and caffeine, we always end DrupalCamp London feeling socially and mentally euphoric. With how exceptional the camp was this year, we can’t wait for what next year has in store.