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Leon Tong on 01 Aug, 2009

For the second year in a row Shineweek has been featured on the BBC news website – and this time it even made it onto the home page for the weekend preceding the event. Shine Week 2009 has been featured widely in the UK press in the past month. From primetime TV news, the front page of the BBC news website to the BBC iPlayer and national and regional newspaper coverage.

Some of the featured Shine events included tennis training with Tim Henman, dancing in a video with Miss Dynamite, creating a computer game level with EA Games and young people debating in the House of Lords. has been at the helm of the program and a wide range of profiles, videos and images have been uploaded this year. The site exhibits a wide range of youthful talent.

Also featured on the website this year where a wide range of competitions. Allowing students to interactively enter artwork, they had the opportunity to win a training session with Tim Henman, create their own computer game level with EA games and dance with Miss Dynamite in a music video.

Shine Week also gave the opportunity for youngsters to have their say, with a debate in the House of Lords. As reported on the BBC:

“The chamber was the scene for only its third debate involving young people, the grand finale of Shine Week, a government initiative to highlight their positive achievements.

The 150 youngsters, including an asylum seeker and a former homeless teenager, debated three issues of importance to them, focusing on talent, role models and how young people are portrayed in the media.”

Shine Week also attracted the attention of a wide range of regional papers. From Manchester to the Isle of Wight, Shine Week made an appearance. The Daily Mail, The London Paper, and The Daily Star also wrote detailed articles on the talent exhibited. The Dail Mail commented on the site itself:

“Students can also upload their own pictures, photographs and film clips on the Shine website, as well as write their own blogs”

All the press coverage can be seen on Media Desk

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