Community, Education & Drupal: Bett Show 2015 Day Two

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Zak Kurdi on 22 Jan, 2015

After a busy day yesterday on our stand, we came back this morning and got straight back into the swing of things. The first few minutes on Wednesday had us wondering what to expect, but all those thoughts of the unknown were pushed aside quickly by the intense (in a good way) and intriguing environment and people. Although we spent plenty of time chatting with another interesting stream of guests and exhibitors from across the education spectrum, we allowed ourselves some time for another equally important activity; exploration.

BETT is huge. Even if you haven’t been to the BETT Show before, but you’ve been to the ExCeL Centre, you’ll have an idea of its scale. And if you’ve been to neither, well, there were crowds and crowds of builders and other contractors here three days before it began…

Here are some highlights from our journey:

  • We visited Lego Education and wondered why no one ever brought the classic building blocks into our primary school classrooms!


  • Went and said hello to our friends at Pearson and their balloons.


  • Went to a talk at the BETT Arena (main stage) to see Mike McGee, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Framestore, talk about how they used computer graphics to recreate Audrey Hepburn for the recent Galaxy chocolate advert.


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