We Become Supplier for Government G-Cloud and Cloudstore

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Leon Tong on 07 May, 2013

After hearing Drupal Camp London speaker Mark Taylor explain the UK Government’s new framework for approved suppliers, we have been considered and accepted by the government procurement service G Cloud iii as an approved Drupal supplier to be considered for work by the UK Government.

Mark gave a very influential speech at the recent Drupal event and spoke with much enthusiasm about the government’s commitment to open-source technology.

The G-Cloud Programme will initially focus on introducing cloud services to government departments but also works to bring together the various tender services that used to act on behalf of the government.

For us and other SME companies, this will be the gateway to provide the government, local authorities and the wider public sector with open source solutions.

We are pleased to have been selected to provide Drupal development to the public sector and hope that we’re able to help in shaping the government’s plans to use open source technology.

Public Service.co.uk commented:
The CloudStore, the online portal where thousands of G-Cloud services are now offered, had delivered a “transparent and competitive marketplace” to make buying cloud-based IT easier for bodies across government and the public sector.

Of the £4m of sales that had taken place up to December last year, more than 60 percent had gone to SMEs, the government claimed.

The G-Cloud now offered a “model for success for other procurement frameworks to follow to make it easier for ICT suppliers – particularly SMEs – to do business with government through a more efficient and simpler procurement”, the blog read.

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