Brightlemon Launch Recruitment Site

Posted by
Leon Tong on 19 Sep, 2009


 has launched a newly developed recruitment site, Employ London. Matching courses and careers for candidates using “Career Developer” technology, Employ London is able to offer candidates a list of courses which are relevant to your dream job. Simply search for jobs in your chosen field and Employ London will automatically show any related courses available.


Employ London also provides benefits for three main users which are candidates, employers and course providers. We provide a range of candidate profiles, specific CV search, and tracking of jobs posts and alerts for all employers. Course providers also receive unique course publicity, detailed course description and a calendar referring to all course outlines.


By satisfying the needs of the candidate, employer and course provider Employ London is able to bring tailored employment services which are specific to the individual, helping them develop key interest or skills in their field. com

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