.Net Magazine: Build Your Own Social Network

Outlining how bespoke social networks engage users and grow traffic, the article explains how to create an effective and engaging digital community. Leon discusses in detail the strategy and considerations required for a successful social network including relevant social theories, technical aspects, and key steps to build 100,000+ user social network.

The article is an insight into a book Leon is writing on the popularity of digital social networks and how key social theories explain why we form the groups that we do – both offline and online.

About .Net magazine

  • First issue: 1994
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.Net is the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, featuring tutorials from leading agencies, interviews with the web’s biggest names, and agenda-setting features on the hottest issues affecting the internet today. The article is featured in the April 2012 edition (#226) and is available in all major magazine and newspaper outlets.
We can’t feature the entire article here until it’s off the newsagent’s shelves but if you want to read it in more detail get April’s copy


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