Civil Service Wins Top Award!

Civil service job share finder emerges victorious in highly competitive innovation awards

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Leon Tong on 20 Jul, 2016

We are extremely proud to have played a part in the delivery of the Civil Service Job Share Finder project, which won the most competitive Innovation award at the Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards 2016 last month. 

Working in partnership with Civil Service Resourcing, the team at BrightLemon created a mobile-first community driven Drupal application which enables civil servants to easily find compatible, job-share matches. The award has been featured on the front page of the Civil Service web site and the project mentioned by Sir Jeremy Hayward as “one of five reasons for the Civil Service to cheer”.

The Innovation award was by far the most hotly contested of all the categories with a total of seven entries. The successful project beat stiff competition from a quality array of finalists – such as Lloyds Banking Group, the RAFCiti, and Deloitte LLP.     

Key reasons for the project emerging victorious where:

  1. A truly innovative approach to achieving effective job sharing.
  2. Benefits already realised include the retention of women, support for carers and people with disabilities and job sharing for those who wish to ease in to retirement.
  3. Ten senior managers have already found job share partners.
  4. Recruitment savings of £75,000 compared to operating costs of £50,000 in year one.

also of mention:

“The job share finder tool is already reaping measurable benefits. Site survey results have shown that 80% of people found the site easy to use and, in the first year of operation, ten senior managers at Grade7 and Director grades have found job share partners with whom they subsequently took up new posts.”

(source: Innovation Award, 2016 Winner, Sector: Public, Top Employers for Working Families Special Awards 2016.)

Civil Service Job Share Award

Brian Stanislas, CS Resourcing (Civil Service Job Share Finder Product Manager) and Caz Thomas, MOJ (Chair of the Civil Service Job Share and Alternative Working Network) with the award trophy and certificate.


Creating flexibility for Civil Service employees

Although job sharing is still a recent concept to many employers, flexibility experts Timewise found that 46% of people in employment in the UK would prefer to work flexibly to fit with modern life, but often end up competing over only a handful of opportunities. 

The Civil Service also discovered they were not retaining enough senior female talent, as many women in high level jobs found it difficult to return to full time work after a career break. 

It costs tens of thousands of pounds to replace experienced workers in the Civil Service and productivity is lost when role in a top position has to be filled. 

The Civil Service Job Share Finder sets out to reduce this inefficiency and boost the number of women in high level positions by providing civil servants with a pool of cross-government colleagues searching for compatible, working partnerships. 

Civil Service Job Share Blog

The Civil Service blog post on announcing the award for the Job Share Finder web site.


Civil Service Social Networking with the Job Share Finder 

Described by one of our developers, John Durance, as “the job-share equivalent of a dating website”, the application’s user-centred design enables individuals to create a profile and then search for colleagues, swap messages and hopefully find a match. 

Job share wire frame

An initial prototype of the Job Share Finder profile


Besides being like a ‘dating site’ for civil servants to find job shares, it also incorporates key principles of user experience, social psychology and group motiviation to facilitate and encourage interaction – all for a diverse audience of age, knowledge and digital skill. 

The application in detail incorporates a group messaging function which can work in conjunction with networking events. It also uses a personal messaging function for staff within, or outside the workplace, creating an agile and engaged workforce. 

Civil Service Job Share profile_2

An example Job Share Finder profile.


All of this is conducted within an accessibility compliant, highly secure environment only available to Civil Servants – who are verified during the registration and sign up process. 

The application features detailed data visualisation of metrics for Civil Service Resourcing to manage the cohort of job shares and support offline activity.

Each phase of project delivery was governed by agile Government Digital Service guidelines and we worked with the product owner, his team and wider stakeholders and users to achieve the correct governance through Alpha, Beta, and Live phases while testing and delivering to user needs.

Civil Service Job Share messaging

The Messaging Service within the Award Winning Job Share Finder.


“One of five reasons for the Civil Service to cheer”

Since its launch in 2015, more than 1,300 colleagues have signed up to the application and the Head of the Civil Service, Sir Jeremy Heywood, described the site as “one of five reasons for the Civil Service to cheer”, at the Talent Action Plan event last year. 

A large number of users have already found job-share partners and taken up new posts with them, with over three quarters of these being women in high level positions, successfully supporting the development of female talent within the civil service. 


“Work is 30% more efficient if there are two people doing the job so it’s a really important tool.

“Whereas the project was originally created to support women, the idea now is to target other groups like retirees those with disabilities and Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) employees, in order to make Job Share Finder grow.

“By doing this we are expecting numbers to double and even treble in registrations by next year.”

 Brian Stanislas, Civil Service Job Share Finder Product Manager.


The number of job-share partnerships is continuing to rise as users use profile searches, initiate conversations and get to know each other using the tools available. There have also been significant recruitment savings which are expected to increase year on year as the application grows.


The application is only available to Civil Servants – please contact us if you would like a demonstration.

Well done to Brian, Cas, Dan and the entire Civil Service Resourcing Team, GDS and our testers; and to all of the BrightLemon Team that worked on this award wining product!