Clipping Paths in Adobe Photoshop

by Martin White on 20 Jan, 2010

A clipping path is a vector path that used to show a certain part of an image hiding the rest, usually background, leaving it transparent.

The image can be exported as an EPS file, and placed into a page layout project such as Quark X-Press, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Freehand, where the clipping path will get rid of the background.

Let’s make an example.

We need an image with a clear and smooth subject.

1) Create a new path from the Paths Tab, and call it Path1

2) Start to draw the path with the pen.

3) Photoshop allows to create more than one path, but just one clipping path, so you have to make sure which one is going to be your clipping path.
From Path Tab > Options > Clipping Path

4) From The Dialog window select Path1.
Flatness determinants how close the path has to be to the subject (the lowest number the closest to the subject) usually 1

5) Save the image as EPS

6) Place the image in a page layout project without the background.