We Deliver Re-Build for Cambridge University

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Leon Tong on 13 Mar, 2013

BrightLemon has completed a major re-build of the main website of the University of Cambridge – one of the world’s leading universities – regularly attaining Number 1 spot in the global rankings of the most elite academic institutions.

The University of Cambridge – which has over 100 academic departments with more than 430 live sites all built by various web teams with different coding languages on different platforms – called on BrightLemon to re-build the whole of the main site, including responsive and adaptive design for mobile devices.

The re-build delivers three main benefits:

  1. Site administrators now have full control of page layout and improved manageability of site structure;
  2. Content editors now find it much easier to create content;
  3. Staff and students can now easily navigate the site with enhanced usability and a more modern, mobile-friendly site.

BrightLemon Director Leon Tong said: “We are proud of the work BrightLemon has done to help deliver the website rebuild for the University of Cambridge. As one of the world’s top brands in academic education, re-building their site was a major responsibility. We are really proud of how it looks, what it delivers to the students and staff, enabling them to access and engage with one of the most innovative university sites across a range of mobile devices.

Barney Brown, Digital Communications Manager for the University of Cambridge said: “We knew we wanted to evolve our websites to be smarter, and more usable across as many devices as possible. The inclusion of BrightLemon’s work in this process has ensured we can meet these aims, without compromising the volume and quality of our world-class content.”

The University of Cambridge’s mission is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. It is made up of 31 autonomous colleges and more than 100 departments that cater for some 12,000 undergraduate and 6,000 postgraduate students, drawn from 135 different countries. The University’s academic staff of some 1,700 are globally recognised for the excellence of their teaching and research. The University is consistently ranked as one of the foremost in the world.
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