Digital Shoreditch: 100,000 Users in 30 Minutes

by Edward Davies

Grow your online community to 100,000 users in 30 minutes.

Are you planning to build a social network with international success? Do you already run a digital community but with a low number of members? Has your community metrics of success not been reached?   If so, this workshop will demonstrate key methods to grow your user base by 100,000 – all in 30 minutes.   BrightLemon will be hosting a hands-on workshop which will walk you through the planning of an online community.

When and where?
Date: 30th May 2012  Time: 1:45pm (30 minutes) Venue: Digital Shoreditch Big Top Presenting: Leon Tong

 Leon Tong – the Director and founder of BrightLemon – will help you put together a high-level project strategy, identify your key users, discuss technical considerations and define your metrics of success to help you build your community.

About the workshop

This workshop will be a great opportunity to take advantage of BrightLemon’s expertise in developing online communities. Either if you manage an online community or are planning one, this workshop will help you increase your user base.   It will be an interactive workshop which will cover the following:

  • Key points which will help you grow your online community 
  • Identifying your high-level strategy
  • User analysis including metrics of success, user types, personas and user stories
  • Information architecture including sitemaps, workflows and issue constraints

The workshop will take place at the Table Top and will seat a maximum of 15 people – so don’t miss out!

Who should attend?

  • Digital Marketing managers, brand managers and key decision makers
  • Online community managers
  • People considering building an online community

About Digital Shoreditch

BrightLemon’s workshop will be taking place during the ‘Brands’ day of the Digital Shoreditch Festival (Wednesday, May 30th). This day will showcase the best that London has to offer on Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Social campaigns, covering all sectors from consumer to health to government. For more details on the day, go here.