Drupal and Flash video – create a YouTube clone

Posted by Vincenzo Gambino on 20 Feb, 2009

If you want to create a site like YouTube there is an easy way to do this using open source software. The following things are necessary to start a video site:

  • First you need to install the basic Drupal package on your server.
  • Then you must make sure you have ffmpeg on your server. This program allows you to convert all major video formats (including mobile video) to flash playable (.flv) files. This is a flash playable format used by YouTube, Facebook and numerous other sites.
  • The 3rd part is the Drupal Flash Video module. You can download it from the project siteĀ http://drupal.org/project/flashvideo. After installation you need to configure your module to work with the content types you want and then embed their video in any node type in the Drupal System using the simple tag. As always first you should follow the README.txt and INSTALL.txt files from the relevant module directory.

You can find complete documentation/tutorial on this web site: Flash Video in Drupal 5: A complete multimedia tutorial.

Tags: Drupal, Module, Video