Drupal Association and DrupalCamp London Support Partnership

There’s an exciting future ahead of Drupal thanks to all the major improvements that the Drupal Association have made.

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Kayla Toh on 16 Oct, 2017

Without the Drupal Association, Drupal software and the Drupal community wouldn’t be where it is today. Through 10 years of support and hard work dedicated towards the growth of the Drupal project and the Drupal community, the association have helped the open source software to become one of the most successful and popular choices of CMS. They constantly promote Drupal and help the community with funding, infrastructure, education, distribution and online collaboration.

With the vision to establish Drupal’s community-built software as the leading platform for the web being the driving force behind all of it’s actions, the association recently succeeded in raising over $250,000 to expedite the release of an 8th version of Drupal.

As an educational non-profit organisation, the Drupal Association rely on funds from memberships, partner programs, sponsorships, donations and proceeds from events, such as DrupalCon. BrightLemon contribute towards building a successful Drupal ecosystem by organising and funding DrupalCamp London – an event that is a Supporting Partner to the Drupal Association.

What is a supporting partnership?

Supporting Partners are organisations, such as DrupalCamp London, who offer a Drupal-related product or service.


Many prospective clients want to know their Drupal agency of choice is engaged with the Drupal community. The Drupal Supporting Partner program offers a way to get involved, give back, and let the world know you support the project.

Many agencies who benefit from a vibrant and growing Drupal ecosystem have joined the Drupal Supporting Partner program. It’s a simple way to become a good citizen of the community and enjoy great benefits.

How does a supporting partnership help the Drupal project?

Support from Drupal partners helps to make the project happen.

While Supporting Partners help the project, they also gain visibility in the community of Developers, Site Builders, Themers and DevOps Engineers. That visibility and name recognition can really help when the time comes to recruit talent.

Involvement in the Supporting Partner program helps to build a successful Drupal ecosystem, which helps everyone. Everyone in the Drupal ecosystem benefits from the growth and success of Drupal.

Improvements made by the Drupal Association

The Drupal Association are responsible for ensuring that community donations and membership in the Supporting Partner program grow the Project for the benefit of the businesses and developers who prosper from the Drupal ecosystem. They recently stated that great progress is being made thanks to contributions from Supporting Partners.

In August, the Drupal Association focused on improvements to project pages for site builders evaluating contrib modules, tweaks to the issue credit system, and some tune-ups and new features for the Events site in the run up to DrupalCon Vienna.

8.4.0 alpha, beta, and RC announcement

On August 3rd the core maintainers released Drupal 8.4.0-alpha. They coordinated with Drupal Association staff to send an email to project maintainers, alerting them to the new Alpha release. Since then 8.4.0 has had a beta release, and now release candidate 1.

Project Information section cleanups

The staff made a number of improvements to project pages in August, one of which was to clean up the ‘project information’ section and add new iconography to make signals about project quality more clear to site builders.

Improved download table

In the same vein, Drupal Association also improved the download table for contrib projects, by making it more clear which releases are recommended by the maintainer, providing pre-release information for minor versions, and displaying recent test results.

Meta-data about security coverage available to composer

Developers who build Drupal sites using Composer, may miss some of the project quality indicators from project pages on Drupal.org. Because of this, it now includes information about whether a project receives security advisory coverage in the Composer ‘extra’ attribute.

Issue credit for committers

The last step in resolving any issue is for a Project Maintainer to commit the changes. To make sure these maintainers are credited for the work they do to review these patches, the Drupal Association staff now automatically add issue credit for committers.

Performance improvements for events.drupal.org

With DrupalCon coming up in September, the Drupal Association spent a little bit of time tuning the performance of Events.Drupal.org. They managed to resolve a session management bug that was the root cause of a significant slow down, so now the site is performing much better.

First pass at calendar syncing for DrupalCon schedule

A long requested feature for DrupalCon websites has been the ability to sync a user’s personal schedule to a calendar service. In August, the Drupal Association released an initial implementation of this feature, and updated it in September to support ongoing syncing.

More semantic labels for testing

In August semantic labels for DrupalCI test configuration were introduced. This means that project maintainers no longer have to update their testing targets with each new release of Drupal, they can instead test against the ‘development’ or version ‘stable’ version, etc. More information can be found in the DrupalCI documentation.

Membership CTA on Download and Extend

A call to action has been added for new members on the Drupal.org Download and Extend page, which highlights some great words and faces from the community.

Improvements to the DrupalCI sponsorship

DrupalCI is one of the most critical services the Drupal Association provides to the project, and also one of the more expensive. A very small section was recently added to highlight how membership contributions help provide testing for the project – and the Drupal Association hope to highlight future sponsors who generously help to supplement the testing budget for the project.

Started PCI audit

In August the Association also began a PCI audit, and developed a plan of action to reduce the Drupal Association’s PCI scope.

If you’re interested in getting more involved with the Drupal community and are looking for a way to give back, then becoming a Supporting Partner to the Drupal Association is a great way to do so.

You can find out for information and apply to the scheme by clicking here: https://assoc.drupal.org/supporting-partners-information-request