Drupal Development for Mandarama Website

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Brightlemon Admin on 23 Mar, 2008

About the Mandarama web site


 website is an online Chinese learning, a subscription-based website aimed at new learners of Mandarin. Specifically targetting primary and secondary school students in the UK, USA and overseas schools the site features:

About Mandarama (from the Mandarama web site)

The company behind Mandarama is Bamboo Learning Limited (www.bamboolearning.com) – We only teach Mandarin Chinese and only to children – We are a team of experienced Mandarin Chinese educators, Western Digital content creators and professional managers.

Why Mandarama?

We are passionate specialists in providing opportunities for children to learn Mandarin Chinese – We are innovative – combining the best in learning Chinese with the best in Western style animation and thought leadership on ICT in education – We represent great value in comparison with one-off DVDs, books with no sound, non-dynamic content.



The site included:

  • Multiple integrated Flash games
  • Chinese Wiki with audio, images
  • full online postcard (e-card) system with audio messages and Chinese text
  • full
     content management system

  • e-commerce subscription system integrated with Protx
  • multiple account levels with a set number of allowed logins

Technologies used:
XHTML, CSS, Drupal, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Tags: Drupal, XHTML, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS