Drupal Wins Re-Election

Posted by Leon Tong on 07 Nov, 2012

24% of all .gov sites in operation are built using Drupal (as 2012); in the USA this includes all state websites as well as major websites for NASA, the House of Representatives and the Whitehouse.

After a hard-fought campaign, Barak Obama has won a second term in the Whitehouse which should also mean a second term for US government websites built in Drupal. As there has been no change in office we predict there will be no change in current US government website trends and that there will be a continuation in the government’s current commitment to using Drupal and open source.

Our friends at Acquia put together the infographic below in May of this year which illustrates Drupal usage in government, US and otherwise.


In addition to the US government site’s and intranets which are built with Drupal; the campaign website of election runner-up Mitt Romney is also a Drupal site. 

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