Drupalcon Paris – Days 1 and 2

Posted by Leon Tong on 19 Jan, 2010

DrupalCon Paris – 1st Sep (day 1) and 2nd Sep (day 2) It’s been too hectic to write a blog entry before now but so far DrupalCon Paris has turned out to be a cracking event. John, Vamory and I have bumped into quite a few familiar faces from London and the UK Drupal scene – quite often found nearest to wherever the beer is – quelle surprise…
We have also been fortunate enough to meet many great people doing wonderful things with Drupal. Some are astounding from a technical viewpoint and we are humbled when looking at what they have achieved. Others have made significant contributions – via Drupal and the application of it to ingenious solutions – to society at large and especially to help and aid either those in need directly or by assisting organisations and groups who help others in need – such as the NGOs and charities. It is reassuring to know that Drupal has such a strong presence in the charitable sector (Google “Drupal for NGOs” and “Drupal for Good”).
Meanwhile Dries gave a great keynote speech this morning to open the event officially (although there were lots of informal sessions on the first day).
Besides running through all the functionality and enhancements for Drupal 7, a key aspect touched upon was the roadmap for Drupal and the expansion of the richness of functionality and reach of the audience. The functionality is less of an issue since there is constantly a flood of innovation and ideas but extending the reach of Drupal is certainly an important strategic target. How is that to be reached?
Also mentioned was the lifecycle of services, and the progression of sophistication that arises through the various phases of growth and development:
Concept -> Bespoke solution -> Products -> Services
A couple of examples of this were
the evolution of electricity (all the way up to the services provided by the Grid) and also of
computing – from the LEO (bespoke solution) to IBM (product) to the Amazon Cloud (service).
Drupal already has examples of evolved products such as
Open Atrium (http://www.openatrium.com),
Aegir and of course
Acquia (http://www.acquia.com)
– and there are numerous others.
Drupal services are also already in existence. Aegir should allow for developers to roll out software as a service (SaaS) as a de facto method of distribution.
(For those of you currently at DrupalCon Paris – Brightlemon are holding a drinks event before the jobs fair tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) – so see you there…)
Finally, for now – major thanks to Isabell from Af39 and all the volunteers and organisers who put DrupalCon Paris together. More information about Drupal and DrupalCon Paris: http://paris2009.drupalcon.org and http://www.drupal.org

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