Drupalcon Paris – Top 5 Embarrassing Moments

Posted by Leon Tong on 06 Sep, 2009

I just got back from DrupalCon Paris (http://paris2009.drupalcon.org/ ) yesterday and whilst it is indeed sad to leave the hallowed halls of the Cité Universitaire and Paris itself, at least now I can legitimately say when I’m back at a pub in Blighty: ‘Wow. What a bargain – only £5.90 for a pint of beer…’ So here are my top 5 most embarrassing moments from DrupalCon Paris…

(5) Attempting to explain to someone how a module works (with some sense of authority)

Only to discover halfway through the conversation that they wrote the module. (Note to self: next time find out their Drupal.org username in addition to the name on their DrupalCon conference badge).

(4) Turning up an hour late on Day One because of the time difference

Yes, Einstein, France is an hour ahead of the UK. Ok I didn’t actually do this myself but this excuse popped up more than once – and not just on Day One either(?!)

(3) Trying to introduce Michael Haggerty (http://www.trellon.com) to Jeff Eaton (http://www.lullabot.com)

Was doing the polite thing here of introducing two people who I thought didn’t know each other – but these guys are both long in the tooth, seasoned Drupal experts. This is like turning up at the Oscars and then attempting to introduce Harrison Ford to Tom Cruise (ok you guys can decide who’s who in that analogy…)

(2) Causing a 25-person tailback queue in the Intermarché (Supermarket)…

…because we bought beer for nine hundred people in a single visit. Needless to say, we learnt a few more French swear words that afternoon. (And an extra shout out to the self-sacrificing Drupal UK guys who ‘kindly’ helped us finish all the leftover beer on Thursday evening – thanks guys – where would we be without you?)

(1) Anything to do with the life-size Druplicon

Was it just me or was that thing just freaky? But on a serious note – it was a great event – well done and thank you to Isabell from AF83* (http://www.af83.com) and all the organisers, volunteers, speakers and coordinators who did a splendid job. *By the way, while I was in Paris, I had dinner with the CEO of YeastyMobs (http://www.yeastymobs.com) a leading Ruby On Rails company and he told me the story behind the af83 name: AF83 = Air France 83 = the number of the flight from Paris to San Francisco (i.e. Silicon Valley)… so now you know… which is a nice link to the next DrupalCon which will be in San Francisco (http://drupalconsf2010.org/)… See you (and Druplicon) there…?

P.S. Thanks to Mark Boulton (http://www.markboultondesign.com) for the lecture on Typography (note dashes and proper quote usage in this blog, Mark)… outdented lists may be on the horizon in our next website – still mulling that one over…