How to Make the Most Out of Your DrupalCon Vienna trip

BrightLemon are attending DrupalCon Vienna! Here’s how the team plan on making it the most enjoyable and worthwhile DrupalCon yet.

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Kayla Toh on 02 Oct, 2017

With just a week to go until DrupalCon Vienna, much of the Drupal community in Europe have been eagerly packing their suitcases and preparing their flight itinerary ahead of the four days of coding, networking, socialising, and inspiring.

The BrightLemon team are pleased to say that they’re amongst these excited bunch!

History of DrupalCon

Every year since 2005, the passionate and active community of Drupal users have been getting together to attend DrupalCon.

DrupalCon is an event that takes place globally in continents such as Europe, USA and, most recently, Asia.

These events see thousands of attendees come together to learn and teach about everything and anything Drupal-related during a series of sessions, sprints and keynotes.

drupalconImage of DrupalCon crowd at DrupalCon Barcelona 2016

Why are we attending DrupalCon Vienna?

We’re sending employees from a variety of roles in the company to DrupalCon Vienna, including: BackEnd development, Marketing and BizDev, and Project Management.

The sessions, workshops and speeches at DrupalCon Vienna will provide an invaluable form of training for these team members. Project Management sessions, Drupal Marketing sprints, and Coding and Development sessions will all be on the team’s agenda.

And that’s right. We did say ‘Marketing sprints’.

DrupalCon Vienna have made the thrilling announcement that they will be hosting the first ever Marketing Sprints to take place at a DrupalCon. So Drupal’s commercial pioneers can get in on the action more than ever this year.

Not only is DrupalCon Vienna an excellent opportunity for BrightLemon employees to network and exchange knowledge and skills with talented, like-minded people, but it’s also an opportunity for us to give back to the community that we owe so much to.

BrightLemon will be sponsoring the Women in Drupal event – helping to ‘debug the gender gap’ (as Anna Radulovski so cleverly put it) and ultimately make the Drupal community and events like DrupalCon Vienna more inclusive, equal and embracing.

How we plan on making the most out of DrupalCon Vienna

  • Research  Find out who’s attending and do your homework on the keynote speakers. This way, you’ll have a great idea of the type of questions you can ask keynotes, figure out who’s worth reaching out to, and even find common interests that you can spark a conversation over.
  • Plan ahead   There are always so many great sessions taking place at DrupalCon that it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which ones will be the most beneficial to you. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything important by planning an agenda in advance. The DrupalCon Vienna website allows you to plan your schedule online and then print it.
  • Introduce yourself – Of course, everyone knows that you need to mingle and mix at an event. But this is just a reminder that everyone is at DrupalCon Vienna for the same reasons, so don’t be afraid to socialise and approach strangers. People will appreciate your interest in them!
  • Show a genuine interest in people and their companies – The easiest way to make a friend out of someone and start to build a relationship is by making them feel important. Show a genuine interest in what they do by asking questions and listening attentively.
  • Bring business cards – You’ll need to bring plenty of business cards to hand out to the new people that you meet, so that you can stay in touch and stay in their mind, in order to build new business relationships and promote your company.
  • Collect business cards from others – Don’t just give out your card, take cards from others too. This will build your contact/mailing list. Remember to follow up these contact cards with an email after the event has finished.
  • Travel lightly – The days are long and you’ll find that you’re shuffling around on your feet a lot. Bring only the essential tech and stationary that’s necessary. Laptops and chargers are a good idea, iPads and camera tripods are not.
  • Take pictures – Don’t just share your contact details with people, take selfies with them too. You can then tag them on social media and express how much fun you had and potentially gain a loyal follower. This way, you’ll have a greater connection with the people you meet. Way more so than just a LinkedIn request.
  • Attend sessions and take notes  We all know that this is the most important part of DrupalCon. You’re there to learn and be inspired. There’s an overwhelming amount of information to be absorbed, so taking notes is crucial for you to refer back to. If you can’t attend a session that you’re really interested in, then ask a colleague to go and take notes for you.
  • Tweet, Instagram, Share  Get social about the event. It’s a great source of content and a good opportunity for you to do some marketing on social platforms by sharing your experiences.
  • Sit with strangers – Try and mingle with people that you don’t know during the lunch break. If you see someone sat alone, pull up a chair with them.
  • Ask questions – You don’t learn if you don’t ask. When a question pops into your head whilst you’re at work that you can’t find the answers to on Google or amongst your team, note it down and bring it with you to Vienna. The chances are that someone at DrupalCon Vienna will have the solution.
  • Go sightseeing – Vienna is thriving with culture and beautiful architecture. Take a moment to be a tourist and explore the sights.


Whether it’s your first time at DrupalCon or you’re a DrupalCon pro, these tips will come in handy for anyone looking to leave Vienna feeling completely fulfilled. And if you spot the BrightLemon team whilst exploring the event, be sure to say hello and put your networking skills to practice.

We look forward to seeing you there!