Drupal Training London

by Vincenzo Gambino 

DrupalTeachers are delighted to offer a new range of Drupal 7 training packages for beginners through to intermediate users. This training provides exposure to Drupal 7 as well as guidance and insights from Drupal experts.

DrupalTeachers is headed up by City UniversityRoomifyMTV and BrightLemon. These organisations have previously worked together as the partners behind Drupal Camp London, the largest Drupal Camp in Europe.

The courses run from October 2015 to January 2016, with 2 day-long classes for each level: beginner and intermediate. The courses are taught Drupal Developers and industry experts.

What are the course details?

Drupal site builder beginner: Thursday 29 – Friday 30 October 2015

The course consists of learning Drupal by building a full website with news, events, blogs and users, using the principal modules and functionality of the CMS. You will be coached through all the steps until all the topics are covered, and the site is virtually deployed.

Documentation about Drupal will be provided and you will also learn about the usefulness of drupal.org in terms of finding modules and themes, asking for support, communicating or fixing an issue, and so on.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Setup an environment for Drupal
  • Install and configure Drupal
  • Identify and create content types with specific custom fields
  • Identify and create vocabulary to classify entities
  • Identify and create menus
  • Create blocks for the website
  • Manage user registration, creation and permissions
  • Download, install and configure contributed modules
  • Create views to show content on a page or in blocks
  • Create and structure a non-content page
  • Download, install and configure a contributed template
  • Site deployment
  • Use drupal.org

There will also be introductions to:

  • Managing a website project (client meeting, scoping, development workflow etc.)
  • How to use hooks
  • How to create custom modules and custom themes

Drupal site builder intermediate: Thursday 26 – Friday 27 November 2015

The intermediate site builder class will build upon what you have learned in the beginners class, enabling you to take advantage of more advanced features and modules. More details to follow.

Drupal developer beginner: Thursday 14 – Friday 15 January 2016

This course takes the next step into writing code and expanding the possibilities of Drupal beyond site building.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand more about how Drupal works
  • Make a simple custom module
  • Generate blocks with code
  • Build menus with code
  • Construct forms with code
  • Understand what entities are
  • Work with databases
  • Make a simple custom theme
  • Use templates and their variables
  • Create a sub-theme